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Get 5kg of Ajwa Aliyah Al Madina Dates and gift them to your loved ones this Ramadhan and at the same time support Al-Huda Mosque painting works upgrading fund. We need $40,000 for the cost of the entire painting works upgrading operation.


The price for 1 box weighing 5kg is only $225. For reservations:

May Allah SWT accepts our deeds and grant us with the best rewards, ameen.





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Services Offered At Al-Huda Mosque


• Tahlil services upon request

• Solemnization Ceremony / Wedding Reception upon request

• Fidyah collection all year

• Zakat & Zakat Fitrah collection only in month of Ramadan.

• Home Based Islamic Learning.


Services offered at Masjid Al-Huda







The text of the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)








About Us:


• Masjid Al-Huda, or Al-Huda Mosque is located at Bukit Timah area which is in the Central area of Singapore. Built in 1966 by former villagers who used to live in several villages in that area, its history dates back to the early years of 1900s.


• The prayer hall can accommodate up to 400 people and it has since undergone several renovations. The mosque is now still well attended with a steady flow of regular worshippers and travellers passing by the area.


• Al-Huda Mosque sits on a wakaf land which was said to be originally owned by a Hindu money lender in the early years of 1900s.


A brief history of Al-Huda Mosque




Al-Huda Mosque being a non-profit organisation is financed mainly from donations. Public donations are very important to ensure the well-being of the mosque in terms of meeting its operational costs and maintenance.


How to contribute a donation to Al-Huda Mosque?


Scan QR Code via Bank App.


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Spelling Variations:


• In English, the official spelling of this mosque is Al-Huda Mosque.


• In the past this mosque used to be spelled as Masjid Alhuda or Alhuda Mosque.


• In Arabic and Malay this mosque is pronounced as Masjid Al-Huda.